It has been almost 5 years I stay in Taiwan. It was not an easy and simple journey for me. I experience some kind of moments including happiness and sadness. After in one night, I found myself is looking back to the memories through the pictures that I have saved on my computer. Suddenly, a question come to my mind “Why don’t I write something about these pictures, and keep it as memories in my personal blog? Maybe somebody will get some inspiration from it”.

Well, let me tell the basic this about me. Firstly, my name is Marojahan. I noticed that it is very difficult to say “R” for Taiwanese. So I decided to use a very short name only “Oja” So, most of the guys in my lab know me with only this name. I come from Indonesia to Taiwan in 2012. To be exact it was September 9th, 2012. I studied to pursue my master degree in Electronic Engineering, and I have completed it in 2014, two years later. Now, I am pursuing my Ph.D. Degree on the same major. Precisely, I study Power Electronic Engineering. If you don’t have any idea about that, just look at your smartphone and think how you power it up when the battery is low. Yup! You take the charger and you put it to your AC socket. That little charger is one of the applications of the stuff that I’m doing here for almost about 5 years. Sounds crazy.

What next? Well, I don’t want to teach you about the stuff that I am doing in my lab. Because, obviously, it is not interesting for most of the people. Instead, I will tell you some stories about my daily life here. I will try to put it chronically. But, I want to make it as a thematic story as well. So the reader can jump from one sub-title to others. I hope I can update it once a week for new topics.


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