Unexpected Dormitories

It was in summer holiday when I came to Taiwan. The fall semester classes were about to begin in a few days. I was picked up by my good friend, Mula, from the Taoyuan Airport. He came along with our big brother “Mr. Joni” at that time. It was my most far journey in my lifetime since I never went abroad. We took the bus from Airport. The bus name is “Kuo Kuang” with 1819 number. The journey was very smooth, I sat in a very comfortable leather seat with Mr. Mula beside me. He had been here 6 moths before I came. While having a small chatting with Mula, I was enjoying the journey. I saw the highway was very amazing. It amazed because I often pass a road with a lot of holes there, but in that time I did not see that kind of things.

After Arrived at Taipei Main Station which is the biggest station in the country we got off the bus and took the MRT. It couldn’t remember how to get the MRT at that time. The only thing I remember is reading the signboard which has “Bannan Line” written on it. Then, got on the MRT, I experience my first time taking MRT. Wow, It was very convenient, cool, fast, and smooth. We stopped in Gongguan MRT station, and get out the station from Exit 1, which directly enter the National Taiwan University (NTU) Campus. We walked about 10 minutes across the NTU campus to arrive at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). The nickname of the university is Taiwan Tech.

Arriving in dormitory management, a guy asked me to show my Letter of Acceptance (LoA). Since the dormitory was not open yet to the new residents they just gave me a temporary bed. But it fact, I used that bed for 1 year.

When you see the building of the campus from the main gain, you will think the dormitory has to be new, modern, and convenient. But, when I entered the dormitory for men students, I was not. The building is old (till now). One room is occupied by 5 students that I knew before I came to Taiwan. My roommate was Mr. Joni, Mr. Mula, Mr. Budi, and Mr. Dimitry. Anyway, the first three names already got their Ph.D. Degree and become a professor in some universities in Indonesia. They were kind, helpful and mature.

Dormitory I bed sets, 2012. Foto by: Satrya


What I surprised was the model of the toilet squad toilet here. I confused how to use it actually for the first time. Here is the picture of the toilet. I bet you, if you come from Indonesia, you must have a weird feeling with this toilet.


What I surprised was the model of the toilet squad toilet here. I confused how to use it actually for the first time. Here is the picture of the toilet. I bet you, if you come from Indonesia, you must have a weird feeling with this toilet.

The second one was the shower room. Oh, yea! It is a public shower room with two types. One with a curtain, and another one with a blurry glass wall. Since my friend told me that the glass type is cleaner, that I choose that type, and till now I prefer that type. When you use this type of shower room, I warn you not to shoot the water to the left/right wall, especially if you have a neighbor in the next room. Otherwise, we will see through, or you will be seen through from the next room. Ops, okay! I don’t need to continue this part.

The next surprising elements are not bad things, in contrary they are awesome. I will say the internet connection in the dormitory was awesome compared to my home country. In Indonesia, I couldn’t watch the Youtube video or download a big file with my own network. I have to pay a lot if I did it. Here we have 3 GB quota for 1 day, and it was increased to 5GB a few years ago. So it was like a heaven of internet connection in the first time.

The water fountain is also very important. It helps a lot since you don’t need to boil the water to have the hot water, or to freeze the water if you want the cold one. In the middle of night, we can also prepare our instant noodle with a very simple way. Among the Indonesian student “Indomie” is one of the most faithful companions.

The last one is the cheap washing and drying machine. You need to have about 15 NT, to wash and to dry a basket of dirty clothes. For men, it is very helpful, since we don’t like washing clothes or drying the clothes with sunshine. Certainly, don’t expect too much from the washing machine, basically, it only rotates and shakes your clothes. Don’t expect clean nice clothes as the output. But for men, who cares? Isn’t it?


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