My adviser’s first Impression

Before I applied for the master program of Department of Electronic and Computer Science Engineering of NTUST. I have contacted my prospective advisor. I got the recommendation from one of the Ph.D. Student at that time in this department (Joni). Actually, I intended to join Electrical Engineering Department before, but because this senior encouraging advises I went through the step and took the electronic department. I sent an email to him and it took about one week to get a reply from him. His answer was very short. He wrote me “you are more than welcome to join our team”. At that time I had no idea how the lab is.

After the result come, I told him again, and he responded with a congratulatory word. When I was about to leave my country to go to Taiwan, I sent to him an email again to arrange a meeting with me, and he asked to come to his office in the morning on Wednesday, September 12nd 2012. Finally, the day came. I went to the lab with my senior. I was surprised to see the lab that looks like a factory. We saw some sets of machines in every testing desk. It was surprising because I had never seen that kind of lab in my life. I saw some electronic stuff that was created by the student which I didn’t understand.


Because he had some guest in his office, we have to wait. While we were waiting, we met a master student in that lab, his name is Marco. We talked about something that related to the lab. I was very nervous because I imagined I am going to talk in English to a Professor. My English speaking ability was quite poor. I imagined how if he has a little test for me, or asking a specific question. That all thoughts added my worries.

Finally, he called us to his office. Because Joni has been known by him, so I asked Joni to help me to talk with him. I was quite surprised to see my professor only wore short pant and slipper. I was wearing a very formal dress at that time, as we used to do if we want to meet an honorable person. Joni introduced me first, and professor followed with the introduction of the laboratory. He gave me a recycled paper with the introduction of the lab in that paper. He asked me if I have a basic of Power Electronics. I told him that I have studied the basic of power electronics in my undergraduate course, and I also have the experience to teach basic electronic in a college. Later, I understood that I knew only very very very little things about power electronics.

In the end of the meeting, he challenged me again whether I am sure to join in his lab. I said yes. Then professor introduced me to a Ph.D. Student from Vietnam. He explained what we have to do during our first semester in this lab. The objective was to finish six basic circuits that related to DC-DC converter and AC-DC converter.

I learned something from my first meeting with my professor: I’ve learned about discipline and respect. He treated me respectfully from the first communication with a polite and very encouraging words. For example, when I asked him if I need to prepare something to join his lab he replied with “Just come with a pleasant mind. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry about too much”. Some people might response it was because his first time to talked with me. But I can say that he lived that word. Until he retired I have watched a great responsibility and tremendous care from him. I will never forget it in my life.

I like to imagine how if we have a lot of professors professor like him in Indonesia, my home country, wouldn’t it great?


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